Friday, 4 January 2013

Book Review: Keith Richards - Life

Author: Keith Richards (with James Fox)
Titled: Life
Publisher: Phoenix
Released: 2010

I’m more of a fiction man myself, however at this time of the year I like to reflect on the year that’s past in a more relaxed environment. This usually coincides with delving into some non-fiction; namely biographies. Keith Richards’s Life is probably one of the finest I’ve read, to be honest.
Okay, so “Keef” had some help from British journalist, James Fox, (who hasn’t?), however the manner of the “ghost writer” fails to hinder the tone that Keith has spawned for 613 pages. The plucky - and almost poetic – witticism almost drips off the pages, as the world’s greatest stalwart of rock ‘n’ roll reveals his love and passion of music and all things relating to it. Let’s be honest, Keith pretty much created the rock ‘n’ roll sub culture, did he not? It all lies within the patchwork of Life.
Not only is there some great yarns throughout this page turner, however it’s also a good opportunity for the younger generation of listeners who aren’t familiar with The Rolling Stones cannon to start delving. Also, for those who know bits and bobs, like myself, Life is the nudge needed in order to continue the quest of hunting down some unheard gems. There's something here for everyone.
By Simon K.