Wednesday, 9 January 2013

All Tomorrow's Parties 2012 - I'll Be Your Mirror Melbourne: Second Announcement

Melbourne, Australia’s inaugural All Tomorrow’s Parties I'll Be Your Mirror weekend is shaping up to be quite something. If My Bloody Valentine, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Swans and the Beasts Of Bourbon failed to entice the collective ear, then the second wave of acts is more than enough to have one pitch the proverbial tent in their pants. The final announcement is the perfect foil for the above listed acts, in my opinion. I mean, c'mon The Beasts.. and Crime & The City Solution on the same bill? It's all been said! 
The second wave of acts to play ATP, which takes place next month on the February 15 and 16, is as follows:
Pere Ubu (performing The Modern Dance)
Crime & The City Solution
Kev Carmody
The Stickmen
My Disco
Oren Ambarchi
Ben Frost
Dan Kelly Dream Band
Ben Frost
Civil Civic
New War
Don Walker
Strangers From Now On

Full Line-Up Below:

Those of you interested in reading some first class fan-boy action (seriously) then look no further than the below article on Hobart collective, The Stickmen. As a listener, this article encapsulates what embracing an artist and its music is all about. The piece will make you want to listen to this band within the first two paragraphs, trust me.

See in you Melbourne!

By Simon K.