Thursday, 4 December 2014

R.I.P. Phillip Hughes

It's been a tough week for sport and in particular, Cricket lovers around the world. Particularly those of us here in Australia.

To explain something you don't quite understand is impossible. The situation which took place out in the middle of the S.C.G. last week; sadly, it's a part of sport. Players suffer injury. The events which have transpired since then? Utterly incomprehensible. I'm sure I speak for many when I say it truly saddens me to think we won't see Phillip Hughes wield the willow again.

His funeral yesterday was a true testament to the little man. Over 5,000 people in attendance in his hometown of Macksville N.S.W. It was harrowing. It was sad. One of saddest moments in Australian history.

I've always been a person who's failed to adopt the notions of civic or national pride. Until last Thursday when Phillip tragically left us, to see everyone bind together as one. To see Michael Clarke as resolute and define the term leadership. Well, it took over 31 years, but I felt like I belonged somewhere. In many ways, I wish I didn't feel like this, as Phil would still be with us....

63 not out. Gone but never forgotten.
Phillip Joel Hughes. R.I.P., my mate.