Wednesday, 17 December 2014

2014 Albums of the Year: Honourable Mentions

So it begins. You know the drill by now. These albums are all fantastic in their own right. For whatever reason, they fell just short of making the final cut. No shame in that, though. These albums will no doubt continue to be on rotation in the coming years. My honourable mention list for the year 2014, as follows:

Artist: Hamilton Leithauser
Album: Black Hours
Label: Ribbon Music
Favourite Tracks: The Silent Orchestra, Alexandra, Bless Your Heart.

Artist: EMA
Album: The Future's Void
Label: Matador Records
Favourite Tracks: 3Jane, Neuromancer, Dead Celebrity.
Artist: Have A Nice Life
Album: The Unnatural World
Label: Enemies List Home Recordings
Favourite Tracks: Guggenheim Wax Museum, Cropsey, Unholy Life 
Artist: Shellac
Album: Dude Incredible
Label: Touch & Go
Favourite Tracks: Dude Incredible, Compliant, You Came In Me, All the Surveyors.

Artist: David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights
Album: End Times Undone
Label: Merge
Favourite Tracks: Like Rain, Christopher Columbus, Some Things You Don't Get Back.

Artist: Ty Segall
Album: Manipulator
Label: Drag City
Favourite Tracks: Manipulator, The Faker, The Hand, The Crawler.

Artist: Peter Matthew Bauer
Album: Liberation!
Label: Mexican Summer
Favourite Tracks: I Was Born in an Ashram, Philadelphia Raga, Scientology Airplane Conversations.

Artist: Whirr
Album: Sway
Label: Graveface
Favourite Tracks: Press, Sway, Feel.

Artist: Kevin Drew
Album: Darlings
Label: Arts & Crafts 
Favourite Tracks: Good Sex, It's Cool, Bullshit Ballad.

Artist: The Twilight Sad
Album: Nobody Wants to be Here and Nobody Wants to Know
Label: Fat Cat Records
Favourite Tracks: It Never Was the Same, Drown So I Can Watch, Sometimes I Wished I Could Fall Asleep.

Artist: Woods Of Desolation
Album: As the Stars
Label: Northern Silence
Favourite Tracks: Like Falling Leaves, The Autumn Light, Ad Infinitum.

Artist: Inventions
Album: Inventions
Label: Temporary Residence
Favourite Tracks: Flood Poems, Entity, Recipient.

Artist: Kalle Mattson
Album: Someday, the Moon Will Be Gold
Label: Parliament of Trees
Favourite Tracks: The Living and the Dead, The Moon is Gold, In the Morning Light.

Artist: Morrissey
Album: World Peace is None of Your Business
Label: Harvest Records
Favourite Tracks: World Peace is None of Your Business, Staircase at the University, Smiler with Knife.

Artist: Bob Mould
Album: Beauty & Rain
Label: Merge
Favourite Tracks: Little Glass Pill, I Don't Know You Anymore, The War.

Artist: We Are Catchers
Album: We Are Catchers
Label: Domino
Favourite Tracks: Waters Edge, A Thousand Steps, When We Are.

Artist: Grouper
Album: Ruins
Label: Merge
Favourite Tracks: Clearing, Lighthouse, Holding.

Artist: Hookworms
Album: The Hum
Label: Domino
Favourite Tracks: On Leaving, Off Screen, Retreat.

Artist: Ex-Cult
Album: Midnight Passenger
Label: Goner
Favourite Tracks: Ties You Up, Midnight Passenger, Lights Out Club.

Artist: Liam Betson
Album: The Cover of Hunter
Label: Double Double Whammy
Favourite Tracks: I Can't Tell If You're Looking at Me, Cop Car, Rapture in Heat.

By Simon K.