Saturday, 15 September 2012

R.I.P.: Hydra Head Records

Aaron Turner, owner of the revered Hydra Head Records Label (and also a member of the once venerable Isis, along with current projects, Old Man Gloom, Jodis, Grey Machine, and Mamiffer et al) announced earlier this week that the label will be closing its doors before the year's out.

Hydra Head has been the home of progressive metal and hardcore for close to 20 years. A stable presenting artists such as Pelican, Jesu, Harvey Milk and Cave In just to name a few, it can't be denied that it's been the bastion as far a progressive music is concerned.

For a full statement regarding Turner's decision, visit Hydra Head's blog here.

There's a slew of great music on offer at the label's website. Vinyl, CDs, t-shirts, accessories, etc. To help the label pay of its debts, please visit their Webstore and get yourself a fist full of greatness (I've already maxed the credit card out!).  Every bit will help, so spend what you can!

By Simon K.