Sunday, 9 September 2012

Recommendation - Eleventh Dream Day

The one thing I wanted to do with this blog is tip the proverbial hat to artists who fail(ed) – with no fault of their own – to gain the recognition they deserve(d). In the previous months I’ve touched on artists such as Seelfeel, Bethany Curve, and more recently, the mighty Rodan.
Being a nice spring Sunday, I thought I’d check out what was cracking over at Drowned in Sound where the Community section located on the homepage struck a chord with me, or more precisely, the contents of it. “Eleventh Dream Day – Any Fans?” Without revealing too much of an Australian idiom, fuckin’ oath I am!

Needless to say, Eleventh Dream Day was also on this long list of bands I wanted to pay homage to. However it appears I’ve had my thunder stolen on this occasion. Truth be told, I never had the thunder to begin with. We move on...

Back to DiS...I click and enter into this thread and there’s six posts from as many users, all of which are waxing religious fervour about Chicago’s most underrated rock ‘n’ roll collective. I’m so glad my friend, Andriejus (who in turn introduced me to the ‘Dream Day several moons ago), and I are not the only ones who adore this band.
Anyway, cutting a long story short, I wanted to write a bit of a spiel as to why these guys shred like lords in every way, shape, and form. Someone’s beaten me to the punch; so much so that I couldn’t really put it better myself. Check out Adequacy for a guide to the discography of Eleventh Dream Day, as well as insight from bands members, Rick Rizzo and Douglas McCombs (also of Tortoise fame).

Given its time of publication (2003) there’s a few EDD releases missing, post article, of course (my recommendation would last year’s sensational Riot Now! after you’re done with this bunch). Still, there’s more than enough to sink your fangs into. What are you waiting for? Skip along and don't cruel yourself a second longer. Thank me later.

Adequacy article courtesy of Adrian P a.k.a. "doauk" of the DiS Community.

By Simon K.