Thursday, 16 February 2012

Drop Everything & Listen: Bitch Magnet

For the last two months I've been cobbling together thoughts as to how I would explain just how wonderful (and dare I say it, "amazing") North Carolina via Ohio collective, Bitch Magnet, are. I despise the term "amazing", I really do, however there's always exceptions and I don't mind using Bitch Magnet as my scapegoat. Let's face it, sometimes you just can't escape the truth.

It was on a cold Saturday night in the backwaters of the United Kingdom (Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead to be precise) that the sensation that felt akin to being pulverised with a sledge hammer came flying towards my very eyes. Bitch Magnet announced to the world that there was still life in the old dog, so to speak. Thank you Battles (one of the curators of last year's All Tomorrow's Parties Nightmare Before Xmas, who invited the collective to play and inevitably get back together for one last hurrah).

In the nine months leading up to the ATP, I kept wondering how tracks such as Dragoon, 'Big Pining' (my favourite BM tune), and 'Sea of Pearls' would hold up in the live arena. Would they be as crushing as they were on disc? You know the answer to that.  I wouldn't be posting this otherwise.

J.R. Moores over at Drowned In Sound has published a review of the band's deluxe reissue, which consists of debut EP, Star Booty, the awe inspiring Umber and the post-rock patchwork that is Ben Hur. I can't add much more to what he says; Mr. Moores' has got it spot on. Well, almost; the only crime he's guilty of is not giving the thing a perfect score. Check out his words here.

After your dose of one of the world's most underrated bands (yes, I just said that), check out the other projects that each band member has dabbled in over the years.

Sooyoung Park - Vocals, Bass
Other Bands - Seam

Jon Fine - Guitar
Other Bands - Coptic Light, Vineland

Orestes Morfin - Drums, vocals
Other Bands - Walt Mink

The Bitch Magnet reissue is available over at Temporary Residence. Enjoy and thank me later.