Friday, 9 December 2016

2016 Albums of the Year: Honourable Mentions

Well, they say time goes faster as you get older and it's starting to feel that way, for it didn't seem like five minutes ago since I was here penning the very same diatribe for albums which tickled my fancy in 2015. In any case, we're here again and like all robustly assembled conveyor belts, here are twenty albums which just missed the final cut. I could have numbered them from 50 to 31, but I deemed that somewhat inequitable. How's about we call them equal 31st? Honourable mentions as follows:  

Artist: Heron Oblivion
Album: Heron Oblivion
Label: Sub Pop
Favourite Tracks: Oriar, Rama, Your Hollows.

Artist: Sturgill Simpson
Album: A Sailor's Guide to Earth
Label: Atlantic
Favourite Tracks: Breakers Roar, Oh Sarah, Call to Arms.
Artist: Pinegrove
Album: Cardinal
Label: Run For Cover Records
Favourite Tracks: Old Friends, Aphasia, Size of the Moon.

Artist: Joseph Arthur
Album: The Family
Label: True North Records
Favourite Tracks: They Called Him Lightening, Machines of War, You Keep Hanging On.

Artist: Angel Olsen
Album: My Woman
Label: Jagjaguwar

Favourite Tracks: Heart Shaped Face, Sister, Woman.

Artist: Solar Bears
Album: Advancement
Label: Sunday Best
Favourite Tracks: Man Plus, Gravity Calling, Separate from the Arc.
Artist: Haley Bonar
Album: Impossible Dream
Label: Memphis Industries
Favourite Tracks: Hometown, Kismet Kill, I Can Change.
Artist: Spotlights
Album: Tidals
Label: Crowquill Records
Favourite Tracks: The Grower, To the End, Joseph.
Artist: Richmond Fontaine
Album: You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing to Go Back To
Label: DECOR
Favourite Tracks: Wake Up Ray, Don't Skip Out on Me, A Night in the City.
Artist: Marissa Nadler
Album: Strangers
Label: Sacred Bones
Favourite Tracks: Divers of the Dust, Hungry is the Ghost, Janie In Love.

Artist: The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Album: Third World Pyramid
Label: A Recordings
Favourite Tracks: Government Beard, Don't Get Lost, Third World Pyramid.

Artist: Preoccupations
Album: Preoccupations
Label: Jagjaguwar
Favourite Tracks: Anxiety, Memory, Stimulation.

Artist: Cian Nugent
Album: Night Fiction
Label: Woodist
Favourite Tracks: Lost Your Way, Shadows, Year of the Snake.

Artist: LUH
Album: Songs for Lovers to Sing
Label: Mute
Favourite Tracks: Unites, Future Blues, Loyalty, Lament.

Artist: RLYR
Album: Delayer
Label: Magic Bullet
Favourite Tracks: Slipstream Summer, Reconductor, Descent of the Night Bison.

Artist: Purling Hiss
Album: High Bias
Label: Drag City
Favourite Tracks: 3000 AD, Teddy's Servo Motors, Everybody in the USA.

Artist: Sophia

Album: As We Make Our Own
Label: The Flower Shop Recordings
Favourite Tracks: Resisting, Baby, Hold On, It's Easy to be Lonely.

Artist: Cymbals Eat Guitars
Album: Pretty Years
Label: Synderlyn
Favourite Tracks: Dancing Days, Well, Shrine.

Artist: The Warlocks
Album: Songs from the Pal Eclipse
Label: Cleopatra Records
Favourite Tracks: Only You, Easy to Forget, Dance Alone.

Artist: Julianna Barwick
Album: Will
Label: Dead Oceans
Favourite Tracks: Nebula, Big Hollow, See, Know.

Top 30 to drop tomorrow.

By Simon K.