Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My New E-book - Borrowed Time

"What's a multi-skilled pharmacist, the local footy star and a Workers' Compensation investigator got to do with the local Art Society? Apart from inadvertently contributing to the economic welfare of a ship that's on the verge of sinking, not much.

Leaving their arty roots and moral principles by the wayside, the committee members of the town's Art Society decide to bite the bullet and present the biggest show the town's ever seen; a Beer Festival. Committing the cardinal sin by catering for the masses, the town's main players - along with a few stragglers - are let off the leash to run a farcical chaos. Thematically, it's all in the name of 'art' if only by accident and not by design.
Amid the drugs, the sex and a little bit of rock 'n' roll, coupled with a few ends of lawn bowls (yes, lawn bowls), enemies are made, victories are bitter sweet, while the losses taste very much the same. There's even room for a love story, or two. Will it be all strawberries and wine or will the ship sink? The clock's ticking."

Good evening, folks!

The intention of creating this blog was essentially for this moment. I'm a couple of years late, but as they say; better late than never!

My new (and first) E-book, Borrowed Time will be released next week. I will post some more updates regarding its availability, as well as some background into the book, within the next couple of days. Here's the cover below:

Over and out,