Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fan Boy Rant - Pissed Jeans

It’s refreshing when your own feelings are resonating within someone else’s art. It’s actually the best feeling you can have when listening to music, in my opinion. Pissed Jeans frontman, Matt Korvette, rips the words from the pits of his stomach and spits them in his listeners' faces. And what lovely saliva it is in the truest acerbic sense, too.
Waxing revulsion to stickmen families plastered on the back of cars, which infuriate the ‘perceived’ misery riddled primates of society (guilty as charged, folks), not to mention giving the two finger salute to systematic health plans, Pissed Jeans have rendered their finest work yet with Honeys. It’s raw, ruthless and bludgeoning. It’s stirring when the topics Korvette writes about really shouldn’t be. Pissed Jeans have basically taken the commonplace meanderings of day to day life and transformed it into the perfect art form.  It hits like the first beer the bearded chain-smoking blue collar worker sinks after enduring a day of carting scrap metal or the like. Ironically, Pissed Jeans have probably already written about that very dude, as such.

Not only is it great that Pissed Jeans hit the spot in every sense of the word. It’s great that people in high places have got what Allentown’s finest rock band has delivered. Pitchfork has nailed it in their review of Honeys. I’m not normally one to give a head nod to a quasi-mass music publication, but when something’s good, there's little ground in denying it. Plus, it further highlights the fact that you shouldn’t just take note of a review’s score without bothering to read the review itself. I know you people are out there! Check it out below, along with an interview with Korvette.

Honeys Review

By Simon K.