Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Update: Liberation Frequency

Evening, people. Long time no speak. I just thought I'd just touch base with those who actually swing by once in a blues moon.

Yes, the lack of updates have been prevalent over the last six weeks, I know. There's been plenty going on in the way of work, life, live shows, etc. A quick run down of the important stuff:

The Good: Radiohead, Refused, Thurston Moore, Shellac, Lee Ranaldo. Do I need to elaborate on any of these? Radiohead was, predictably, like a religious experience, while Refused was more in the realm of an aural bludgeoning. Shellac lay somewhere in the middle (probably not, actually; Albini, Weston, and Trainer are sitting on the same side of the fence as Dennis Lyxzén and Co.). Ranaldo backed up his fantastic solo album with a stellar live performance and Thurston Moore was pretty much Thurston Moore; awesome.

The Bad: Although this blog wasn't designed to pan, Chelsea Wolfe's live show didn't fill me with any feeling of the warm and fuzzy variety. Her voice is beautiful and reminiscent of PJ Harvey, however I just feel the dark industrial undertones her band portrays overshadows her true beauty. I guess that's why I love her new acoustic album. Anyway, local act, Heirs, stole the show with a pulverising set that sounded like Mogwai battering Godflesh while Michael Gira sat at the end of the bar drinking some Kentucky whiskey.

The Ugly: The one band I'd been looking forward to see for months was none other than Portland collective, Grails. Without going into it for the hundredth time, it's a crying shame I got my nights mixed up. Thanks to the door girl at the Zoo. I could tell she almost saw the tears fill my eyes, as I attempted to decipher the information she'd presented. "Sorry, mate, it was last night," she said. One of my biggest regrets in life. Seriously.

Stay tuned, guys. My end of year lists will feature throughout December. Can't wait.

By Simon.