Friday, 6 July 2012

Tour News: Heathen Skulls (Various Artists)

In the field of tour promotion, Heathen Skulls qualify as the most giving. Over the years, majority of promoters throughout Australia have developed a nasty habit for skipping the likes of Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane as far as International bands are concerned. Not Heathen Skulls. HS is the tour promoter for the people. 

Two years ago when owner, Robert MacManus, brought Dead Meadow down under I managed to chew his ear about various bands, making the typical fan boy passes to get certain bands out for a tour (Godflesh and Crippled Black Phoenix, anyone?). After I thanked him for his gestures to music enthusiasts across the country in his efforts to continually share the goodness, his reply was simply that "someone's got to do it, it might as well be me." Two years on, Heathen Skulls continue to tour "niche bands" with a consistency that keeps us happy. September onwards is packed with goodness for those who like their riffs and drone. Details below.

Russian Circles (supported by Eagle Twin)

Friday 28th Sept – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Saturday 29th Sept – Fowlers Live, Adelaide
Sunday 30th Sept – The Bakery, Perth
Thursday 4th Oct – ANU Bar, Canberra

Friday 5th Oct – The Zoo, Brisbane
Saturday 6th Oct – Hi Fi Bar, Sydney


Sunday 9th Sept – The Zoo, Brisbane
Thursday 13th Sept – Hi Fi, Sydney
Friday 14th Sept – Fowlers Live, Adelaide
Saturday 15th Sept – The Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Sunday 16th Sept – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne


Thursday October 11 – Hi Fi Bar, Sydney
Friday October 12 – The Zoo, Brisbane
Saturday October 13 – The Corner, Melbourne (with Grails)
Sunday October 14 – This Is Nowhere, UWA, Perth

SUNN O))) (Supported by Pelican)

Wednesday 24th Oct – The Tivoli, Brisbane
Thursday 25th Oct – Hi Fi Bar, Sydney
Friday 26th Oct – Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne
Saturday 27th Oct – Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Sunday 28th Oct – Capitol, Perth

For more information, including ticket purcahse, visit the Heathen Skulls Website.

Simon K.