Wednesday, 18 April 2012

At The Drive-In - Live @ Coachella

Let me start by saying that I love At The Drive-In as much as the next person. I was lucky enough to see them live before their untimely split back in 2001. Thanks Christ to be honest, because watching their performance at Coachella, it left me cold to the marrow. Backdrops and large stages that almost resemble an arena vibe not to mention Omar's enthusiasm or lack thereof. Was this the same band? I'm afraid not. Sailed ships spring to mind.

To put it bluntly, I'm afraid this one's a cash job, folks. I'm glad certain band members kissed and made up because the circumstances surrounding their "hiatus" back in 2001 were ambiguous to say the least. There's an argument as to "why shouldn't they take the cash?" I can totally understand that question.

Seeing so many bands reunite these days is indicative of how much of a lull rock music is experiencing at the moment. Gary Wolsten of Drowned In Sound penned a brilliant article late last year regarding The Stone Roses reunion. Many, including myself, I'm sure, echo similar sentiments.

Regardless of my opinion, some may see some pertinence in ATDI's reunion. If that's the case, enjoy the above video. However, if you managed to be as lucky as I was all those years ago by witnessing one of the last juggernauts of the guitar variety, you may also agree that there's a certain pale in comparison.

Simon K.