Saturday, 10 March 2012

One To Watch: Lilyhammer

Television Series: Lilyhammer
Starring: Steve Van Zandt
Creators: Anne Bjørnstad, Eilif Skodvin,
Directors: Simen Alsvik, Geor Henning Hopland and Lisa Marie Gamlem

Steve Van Zandt is back. We all need a little Silvio Dante in our lives. Well, sort off. As soon as you shake off your "Dante", you will come to realise that the new series starring Van Zandt, Lilyhammer, moves away from its distant cousin in The Sopranos.

In a bid to escape the clutches of New York mobsterdom, Frank Tagliano cashes his chips in and moves into exile, or as it's more commonly known, the witness protection program. Not exactly Siberia, but sharing its climate, Lilyhammer poses as a fresh start for Tagliano.

More of a drop in gears, as apposed to a humble beginning, "Franky" does his best to bed in with the locals in something that can be described as Lost In Translation sharing a beverage with Broken Flowers. The Jarmuschisms shine through the cinematography with fervour, as co-directors Simen Alsvik, Geor Henning Hopland and Lisa Marie Gamlem uncannily swim in close waters to the cult indie filmmaker.

Naturally, fans of The Sopranos will hold this close to their hearts, as much of the mobster mannerisms still ring true throughout the dialogue (plenty of "Ohhhaaawwws" and Take it easy(s))". Definitely one to watch.

For information check out the Netflix page.

Simon K.